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July Newsletter

June 1, 2015

Quick Fire Cases July Newsletter, including articles on: Offer your customers the lifestyle, not just the firearm, The basics of the infamous AK-47, What draws women to guns?, and more!

June Newsletter

June 3, 2015

Quick Fire Cases June Newsletter, including articles on: Serving the self-defense minded consumer, Your old handgun: Treasure or junk, Shooting stance: The 5 essential tips to torso and leg positioning, and more!

May Newsletter

May 6, 2015

Quick Fire Cases May Newsletter, including articles on: Appealing to the first time gun buyers, 11 best ballistics apps for every shooter, The 7 best cartridges for hunting deer, and more!

April Newsletter

April 8, 2015

Quick Fire Cases April Newsletter, including articles on: Firearm dealers profit from quality customer service, Everything you need to know about the 7 most iconic firearms, and Guns of The Iditarod Trail!

2015 Shot Show in Las Vegas

April 1, 2015

Ron Rich highlights some of the many Custom Designs available for 2015 from SHOT show in Vegas.

March Newsletter

March 4, 2015

Quick Fire Cases March Newsletter, including articles on: Catering to the female firearm enthusiast, facts about suppressors, and 7 reasons why cops choose the 9mm over
the .40!

February Newsletter

February 10, 2015

Quick Fire Cases February Newsletter, including articles on: how to keep your firearm properly stored in your home, smart guns, and the best new shotguns for 2015!

6 New Products from COMBAT HANDGUNS March 2015

February 3, 2015

Quick Fire Cases in featured in this article.

January Newsletter

January 9, 2015

Quick Fire Cases January Newsletter, including articles on safely transporting your firearms, private gun sales, and the best states for concealed carry in 2014!

American Rifleman Online - Quick Fire Multifit™ Pistol Case

December 22, 2014

Read American Rifleman's review of the Quick Fire Multifit™ Pistol Case.

Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine - Holiday Edition!

December 22, 2014

Quick Fire Cases is featured in the Holiday issue of Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine.

NRA Family InSight - 12 Days of Christmas

December 8, 2014

Quick Fire Cases is featured in the 12 Days of Christmas with NRA Family InSights article. Look for us on Day 9!.

Real World Survivor

November 13, 2014

Quick Fire Cases and the new QF620 Quick Fire MultiFit™ Dual Shotgun Case is featured on

Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine

November 10, 2014

Quick Fire Cases is featured in the latest issue of Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine.

American Rifleman's November Issue

October 24, 2014

Quick Fire Cases is featured in the latest issue of American Rifleman's November.

NSSF Shot Business Magazine October/November Issue

October 22, 2014

Quick Fire Cases is featured in the latest issue of NSSF Shot Business Magazine.

TV Pilot Show

October 1, 2014

News! Amazon Studios/Picarow Inc the producer selected Quick Fire Cases to participate in their new TV Pilot Show called Cocked. A story about their actors involved in the gun industry. Our task was to bring our booth to the LA Convention center and be part in a scene being filmed as if was taking place at the Shot Show in Las Vegas.

They had an incredible crew setting up this entire scene which they had been working on for a few months, prior to us showing up, there were other invited companies displaying at the show to create an authentic scene as possible.

One of our key personal was in the filming of this scene working at our booth, needless to say he was having a lot of fun being there at the set and was well taken care while taking part in the show meaning food and drinks! Below are 2 photos' the first is when we are setting up and the second was at film time. We will keep you posted as to when the show will air!

Introducing New QF300R-1 Cases

September 30, 2014

Quick Fire Cases just released a new case: QF300R-1. Designed to hold the popular new Ruger GP100 357mag double action center fire revolver, as well as the Smith & Wesson 686 357mag double action center fire. These two revolvers are also very popular with the shooting gal's, so we have this case available in Pink.

Introducing New QF345 and QF500 Cases

September 2, 2014

Quickfire has just introduced 2 new gun cases: a Quick Fire MultiFit™ 1 Pistol Case and a 2 Revolver Case.

QF345 Quick Fire MultiFit™
1 Pistol Case

Fits over 50 styles of pistols while utilizing extra space for an accessory compartment. Learn more about our pistol case.

2 Revolver Case

QF500 2 Revolver Case

2 Multifit slots to house your J & K Frame Revolvers up to 44 Magnum with 5.5" barrel down to snub nose. Learn more about our 2 revolver case.

Quick Fire Cases – More Than Just a Gun Box

July 15, 2014

Murrieta, CA - -( Whether gun owners are going to the range, outdoors or traveling, most seeking to protect their firearms investment look for a strong, durable, portable outer gun case.

Far fewer, however, look beyond the gun case's exterior to examine its interior, which is in many ways even more important to protecting and securing valued firearms and accessories...

Introducing New QF560 and QF960S Cases

July 1, 2014

Quickfire has just introduced 2 new gun cases one which is for 5 Revolvers with 10 Speed Loaders and the other a New 20 Pistol storage Case

QF560 Multi-Revolver Case

QF560 Multi-Revolver Case

Designed to house 5 Revolvers J & K Frame size larges being the 357 Magnum with 5.5" barrel or less, down to a snub nose revolver. Learn more about our 5 revolver case.

QF960S Storage Case

QF960S Storage Case

Designed to house 20 Multifit™ Pistols, with room for 60 Magazines (40 in slots and 20 in pistols). Learn more about our storage case.

Quick Fire Cases Featured on The Outdoor Shopper

June 20, 2014

New Black & Pink Quick Fire MultiFit™ Cases

May 16, 2014

This Airtight & Watertight case fits over 50 Styles of pistols while utilizing a one cavity MultiFit design for each firearm, along with a Magazine cavity that holds up to 3 magazines. Learn More about the QF340 Case.

QF340 - Pink Limited Edition